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Posted by admin, June 6th, 2012

Assemblist walks the walk when it comes to living the luxe life, and documents firsthand the latest trends in men’s fashion, jetsetting, gadgets, and liquors.

Our youthful yet affluent audience searches Assemblist to learn more about the latest luxury goods such as rare sports cars, single malts, fine wristwatches, slick home decor and designer luggage.

Audience Statistics:
4K Visitors Monthly
6.5K Pageviews Monthly

Our Visitors:
Gender: 60% male
Affluent: 23% HHI $100k+ per yr
Educated: 67% college or post-college degrees

How to Advertise with Assemblist

You can buy direct advertising on Assemblist via an easy, self-service platform provided by our partner BuyAds.com.

1) Pick the ad inventory you wish to purchase.
2)Check date availability.
3) Place your order: register, pay, upload your creative.




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